Super lady, the survival of the planet and the algonian star that destroyed in the end of the galaxy. She was fighting every day to protect the peace of the people. A mysterious man appears before such super lady. The man's body was a tyrano racer who once fought with a super lady and was seriously injured by the outbreak of an argomic ore energy gun. The resurrection of his body for revenge on superlady was cyborg, with great power from the power of the ore, and the ability to freely manipulate the light of the ore. Super lady overwhelming by the power of Argente ore which is weak. It escapes to tirano immediately after it escapes to rebuild the posture. It is finally a pinch of absolute life that is broken the suit and the cloak, and the bone is broken! During his breath, he has managed to find the core of the ore in the heart of tirano. I fell down tirano. Super lady brought to the tit of tianano who was stunned. "Not only painfully, but also destruction of the part of the woman," the persistent blame by tyrano attacks super lady. The resistance has reached the cum by the instrument of the property made by the ore, and finally, the thing of tirano was inserted... Bad end